Ping Pong

I've really missed the last train over you... And that I've never seen you as with somebody else but me. It's not one of my jealousies... That's the worst thing that I've ever chosen. I've chosen both being a nerd and have a good successs and being alone... I thought that it was the best for both of us and that I wasn't going to have anything reminds me but even being without you is this. May be I have to wait my turn. But right now, I'm sure that I have no role in this game. In this life. I have no "goodbye"s for you because I have already missed my chance and spent my time on telling you. You told me that before... That I was going to leave you and you were going to leave me, also. I said no but I was already planning this. I don't have an idea what you were thing about 'cuz that, I have never listened to you. I have never learnt anything from you also. You tried to solve. I didn't let you. How much I loved you. Did you miss me? Will you? Just like I do? I want to go back and call you sweetheart. But your heart is refilled with love. I know, again, we have to be drifted apart. I want to ask you "Shall I come back again?". We won't have to rush in this time. I'm your little evil. Take everything that we can both cannot reach and throw them away.

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