Cream Man On Rainy Afternoons, If We Will Marry

Tick tock -this clock will someday stop
The gap between the shoot and the thrill,
Everyday I'm seeing you looking in as scared of touch a skin
Wrote my letter down than you'll keep me failed in and living lonely
Why cannot I let you searching my lips and touching my hair,
You know what mamas say ''Don't do,''
Oh yes she has to do, keep me safe in her bed
With an involved fire

Can anything separate us away?
What I sold was all sold...

Lovedoc: Hey hey hey
You got my heart. What you think?
Let's pretend, we love them!
Any at none
Even you're feeling cold

Can anything separate us away?
What I sold was all sold...

I want to stay the same till it's end and band
The launch will take the rubbish you get me, you drove me nervous
Couldn't daddy thought you anything,
And the sisters brothers way that they do,
And the priests made you feel any breathe you take as satisfaction
My keys will fit that door, if you let me got your keys
I'm lying down here, I don't want you stay more
Made me told this to his, feel my bliss

Can anything separate us away?
What I sold was all sold...

You talked some piece of shit, I became some piece of it, she was totally in it
I need to calm down to down town to lead the son of sun for come come come calm down town
Ur becoming jesus of suburbia with your street style, coming into ur lonely nights
You seek and me destroyed
I need to be cruel, feeling down and feeling guilty
Feeling something strange, take me high down there, take me somewhere safe
So which million cares?
I'm always feeling this way, I've been telling you this
It doesn't had to end by this

You can have me, have me once more
Something will hit me over the bridge
You won't be having me no more, no more
And will be expended and borrowed synergy left but all passed

It's necessary to have a nasty evil
Justice in crowd,
You're not so loud to be a proudless cloud,
It just meant that you're weak

If you cannot let me be destroyed in your hair

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