Even he had little tricks, he was already trying to be sold-
All we need is emptiness but those cheap people gets our faults
Who needs to be forgiven by god and restless in your hands,
Now I'm talking back about and then, I'll be there then!

So, if you are a jeweller, you cannot be any cheap story
It's making you lovely and dirty, even you had nothing in this diary
We, need all stuff I'm sorry but none had never asked what a jeweller can had
In his arms or hands or body, but you wished that the gun wasn't inside of our bags

Talking about now and then, before you seen my picture than,
I'll take a snap and send it to you
After it will be snapped and sent, it will make me, nervous and alone, you must be sorry
I'm gonna take it back as I did to jeweller, if you won't let me to

So, even you had no money but than
If you'll have some piece of jewels than,
Can't it make you rich or not poor as me as you!
We all know that it won't be suck, or it can't make us fight with in,
Let me take your all jewels from you
As easy as I can do!

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